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Just a little site to let family and friends see what we are up to, and to give me something to do on rainy days.

I got the idea for this after seeing a post on metafilter about domain names.  I immediately looked up my own name and found it had not been registered, so the wheels started turning.  After a little research I decided to set up a hosting account with and register my name as .com, .net, .org, and .name domains.  I have no experience publishing on the web, but have found a number of resources to help me get started.  One of the best things about my hosting provider is that they have a nice suite of free software to allow me to put a guestbook and photo album on this site with very little effort.

A great source of links to standards, tutorials, and general information about HTML, XHTML, style sheets, and so forth is the World Wide Web Consortium, or W3C.  It was through them that I found the Nvu open source HTML editor.  This tool runs on both my Mac at home and my Windows machine at work, so I can maintain the site from both places.  Unlike programs such as iWeb and MS Publish, Nvu never gets you very far from the underlying source code, and it is very easy to go in and tweak the source code if the page isn't doing exactly what I want.  At the same time, almost everything can be done in a very user-friendly WYSIWYG GUI (how's that for a mishmash of acronyms)and the tedium of adding HTML tags by hand is avoided.

Anyway, that is how this web site came to be.  Feel free to look around and let me know what you think.

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